Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Pack


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Grab our ultimate tattoo aftercare package to not only save money but to make sure you’re fully covered when it comes to maintaining your tattoos.

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Balm & Foaming Wash

Dr Pickles premium Tattoo balm is a unique blend of old and new remedies specially formulated for the soothing and healing of tattooed skin, reducing skin dehydration and scab formation will ensure that your tattoo will render its best possible appearance.

Dr Pickles Original Tattoo wash is an antibacterial soap/wash that has been scientifically formulated to aid in the healing and recovery of tattooed skin.


Dr Pickles Sunscreen protects your skin and your tattoo.

The sun is the number one enemy of a tattoo. Individuals will spend thousands of dollars on tattoos expressing a story of love, loss, joy and hope – a story that needs to be protected. When exposed to the sun, tattoos begin to fade and blur. Also, zinc, as used in some sunscreens, can cause fading. Don’t get to the point where an aged dull tattoo needs re-inking which is an expensive and painful process. Cherish your story and protect it for the long term.

Dr Pickles sunscreen is a specifically formulated tattoo sunscreen to protect your story.

Broad-spectrum with a higher UVA & UVB protection SPF50
Zinc-free to help enhance colour
Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which may assist in healing and hydrating
4hrs water resistant
Contains natural Tapioca Starch for a dry touch finish
Helps protect tattoos from fading.


Our blend of natural and ethically sourced Australian Botanical ingredients will leave you with soft skin and hair that smells great.

Revitalising Peppermint Oil provides an aromatic boost of energy that cools the skin and supports blood circulation whilst Hemp Oil moisturises the body and strengthens hair to prevent breakage.

Made by nature, captured by Dr Pickles

Gentle formula suitable for all ages, skin and hair types

– Vegan-Friendly
– Cruelty-Free
– Paraben and Sulfate Free
– Australian Made
– No Harsh Chemicals
– Suitable for use in Hair, Body and Face
– Hydrating Formula
– Incredible Natural Fragrances
– Hypoallergic Formula
– Family Friendly
– Dr Pickles 3 in 1 Wash provides heavy-duty hydration whilst being gentle enough for daily use. Gentle cleansing formula is perfect for all ages, skin and hair types.

With a background in quality tattoo aftercare, Dr Pickles has formulated this 3 in 1 wash with the same principles – all-natural, all Australian, high-quality products with no hidden nasties.

Directions: For use in hair as a hydrating shampoo, apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. For use as a facial cleanser or body wash, use 1 pump into hand or sponge, lather and rinse. Please avoid eyes. Discontinue use if irrational occurs. If symptoms persist consult a doctor.

Pack Contains:

1 x Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm 50g
1 x Dr Pickles Antibacterial Foaming Wash
1 x Dr Pickles Sunscreen
1 x Dr Pickles Bodywash

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