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Proper tattoo aftercare is crucial for healing your skin and retaining the vibrancy of your ink. Here’s what to do after you get a tattoo.

1. Your tattoo artist will cover your fresh tattoo in cling film (Glad Wrap) or a bandage. Keep it on for at least an hour after you have been tattooed.

This helps protect your fresh ink and prevent infection; after all, you now technically have an open wound. Ideally, you would keep the cling film on until you’re able to wash your new tattoo carefully in a clean environment.

2. Clean your new tattoo: remove cling film and gently wash/rinse the area

Remove the cling film or bandage and run your tattoo under warm water while softly using your fingers to rub in some unscented natural soap or tattoo foaming wash.

3. Dry your fresh tattoo

Use a clean paper towel to pat dry your tattoo.

4. Apply TattCare Hemp & Kawakawa Ultimate Tattoo Balm

Now it’s time to regenerate your skin and speed up your recovery time. Our premium TattCare balm will ensure rapid healing while keeping your fresh ink free from infection.

Apply the balm to the dry skin (with clean fingers!) using gentle circular motions with. A little balm goes a long way; don’t oversaturate the tattoo.

5. Keep your tattoo clean

It’s very important to clean the area at least twice a day using natural soap and hot water.

6. Keep applying your tattoo aftercare for 2-3 weeks

Keep using the product for 2-3 weeks depending on how your skin is feeling and your ink is looking. Make sure you don’t pick or remove any of the scabs that may have started to form; they are a natural part of the healing process, but picking scabs can lead to infection or scarring.

7. DON’T do the following during the tattoo healing process!

– Go swimming (pool, spa pool, lake or ocean)
– Expose your tattoo to excessive sunlight
– Take baths; essentially, don’t soak your tattoo in water for longer than necessary.

8. After the tattoo healing period, you can show off that ink in its full glory!

We recommend regularly using an aftercare product after your tattoo is healed to retain the initial vibrancy of your ink and keep your skin nourished.

*Disclaimer: These are recommendations from the TattCare team. Please respect your tattoo artist and listen to their advice. If it seems that your tattoo is not healing properly, consult a medical professional.

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