1. Keep the cling film (aka Glad Wrap) on for at least an hour directly after you’ve been tattooed.

This helps protect your fresh ink as you now technically have an open wound. Ideally, this is only on until you’re able to wash your tattoo in a sterile environment (not some dirty public restroom).

2. Remove cling film and wash/rinse your tattoo

Remove the clean film/bandage and run your tattoo under some hot water (but not too hot) while softly using your fingers to rub in some unscented natural soap.

3. Dry your tattoo

Now use a clean paper towel to pat dry your tattoo.

4. Keep your tattoo dry

Allow your skin to start healing by drying out the tattooed area for at least 2-3 days before applying any product.

5. Keep your tattoo clean!

Remember, although we want the area to dry out it’s very important (and common sense) that you clean the area at least twice a day or more if the area gets dirty using natural soap and hot water.

6. After 2-3 days start applying the product

Now you can start using one of our great products to help regenerate the skin and speed up the recovery time while keeping that ink looking fresh.

7. Repeat the process for around 2-3 weeks

Keep applying the product for 2-3 weeks depending on how your ink is looking. Make sure you don’t pick or remove any of the scabs that may have started to form (a natural part of the healing process!)

8. DON’T do the following during the healing process!

– Go swimming (pool, lake or ocean)
– Excessive sunlight on the tattoo (sunburn)
– No spa pools/jacuzzis
– No soaking in water!

9. Once your tattoo is healed you should be ready to show that ink off in its full glory.

*Disclaimer – this is our guideline but please respect your tattoo artist and listen to their advice.