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We are stoked this month to be featuring Bronson from B.inked studio located in Kumeu, West Auckland.

In this interview, Bronson fills us in with what inspires him, who he’s tattooed and how he got started. We love these interviews and hope you do too!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Bronson, I am a 27-year-old tattooist from Auckland. I grew up in West Auckland.

What studio you are working out of/where are you based?

I am the proud owner of b.inked in Kumeu, West Auckland. With 3 resident artists and 1 apprentice. I am really proud of what we have, everyone is on the same page, motivated and excited to do everything they can to create your perfect tattoo.

How long have you been tattooing?

I have been tattooing for 7 years at almost 7 days a week since the beginning.

What got you into it?

I got inspired by the graffiti I seen all around me. I started out tagging and evolved into pieces of ‘graffiti’. It eventually led into the start of my tattoo career. I’m now 7 years into my tattoo career, tattooing 6 days a week and trying to find time to continue personal oil painting projects.

Tattoo inspiration?

I have always been inspired by artists who have allot of details in their work with textures and flow, not too many smooth areas. I would have to say Carlos Torres has always inspired me with his female portraits. For colour Valentina Riabova also inspires me. You can see her oil painting experience in her work and a huge understanding of colour.

What’s your tattoo style?

I tattoo realism both colour and black and grey (mostly known for my portraits). Early in my career I got allot of awards for colour work and it was miles ahead of my black and grey so I stepped back into black and grey to try and be more balanced and really enjoyed it I would like to start doing more colour work soon but I love how black and grey tattoo looks and am currently known for my black and grey work.

Has your style developed over time?

I’ve found so much passion in trying to better every aspect of my art. I get to a stage we’re im happy and then I find more room for improvement and break down my work again, could another needle do this better etc.

What would you like to tattoo more?

Musician/movie portraits and also old family portrait film photographs that are horrible quality. Often photos clients bring in are passed family members with the photo capturing something special.

What was the first tattoo you ever did or the first one you got on yourself?

My first tattoo I did was a rose I did during my apprenticeship at ink rush. I actually ended up tattooing the guy every few weeks untill his sleeve was complete.

Most famous person you have tattooed?

I have been fortunate enough to tattoo a few famous celebrities but School Boy Q would be the most famous.

The strangest tattoo request you have ever received?

I wish I had something crazy as I get asked this a lot. But the closet thing might be a guy with the last name Wilson got the bloody handprint on his ass from the movie castaway.

Who are you in your private life?

I am a father of 1 so the time when I’m not working I’m spending my down time with my partner and son. Ideally I would like to be painting from home one day a week.

What’re your hobbies and your passions?

A lot of my passion and hobbies revolve around tattooing as I don’t find it feels like work. But I do want to better my skills in oil painting and hope to put on a private gallery event sometime soon. But I do enjoy riding motorbikes it really refreshes your mind and gets some adrenaline going.

We really appreciate the time Bronson gave to us! Make sure if you’re in Auckland and you’re swinging by West Auckland to check out B.inked Tattoo Studio.

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