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This Month we head to the Kapiti Coast in Wellington New Zealand to feature Lauren De Vincentis who is based out of Illusion Tattoo.

In this interview, Lauren De Vincentis was kind enough to give us some time to talk about how she got into tattooing, her style and other interesting facts.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Luxembourg city in the late 90’s and moved to Whanganui New Zealand when I was 7 years old. My first language is French but quickly picked up English and a kiwi accent to go with it.

What studio you are working out of/where are you based?

I work at Illusion Tattoo on the Kapiti Coast of the Wellington region. I love being by the beach and not too far from central Wellington without feeling like I live in a large built-up area.

How long have you been tattooing?

I started tattooing in 2017 and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I love the job I do and hope I can do it for as long as possible.

What got you into it?

My friend I worked with at the vet clinic got me the apprenticeship after finding out my current boss was looking for someone. We contacted each other and I brought in a portfolio of my art. I started the week after not knowing the intense journey I was signing up for. However, I’m so glad I got the opportunity and didn’t realise how lucky I was as I wasn’t looking for a tattoo apprenticeship but I’m really grateful to everyone who helped me get to where I am today. No one is self-made, they always have people helping you along the way no matter how small the help is.

Tattoo inspiration?

I get inspired by a lot of things but I think I get a lot of inspiration from nature and animals. I like to keep things fine, delicate and detailed.

What’s your tattoo style?

I go between a few styles such as black and grey realism, mandala and ornamental but I think I’m mostly known for fine line and florals.

Has your style developed over time?

Yes, I started out doing neotraditional colour which helped a lot with knowing how to tattoo and blend colours but I’ve always been a fan of black and grey and gravitated towards that as my technique and skill grew over time.

What would you like to tattoo more?

I would love to be able to do more realism. Growing up I would generally only draw realism with graphite and coloured pencils. I jump at any opportunity when it’s realism especially pet portraits. (Give me all your pet portraits to tattoo haha)

What was the first tattoo you ever did or the first one you got on yourself?

The first tattoo I did on someone was a cute little solid black heart on my friend Natilie. I’ve never tattooed myself as I’m a bit of a wuss.

Most famous person you have tattooed?

I got to tattoo Dre Ronayne while she was over here from the states. It’s quite cool seeing her on social media and the little tattoo I did on her wrist pop up in her videos and photos. But I think most people I tattoo are pretty fascinating, famous or if not I like hearing what people have done with their lives.


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The strangest tattoo request you have ever received?

I got asked by a client to tattoo whatever I wanted on him and he wouldn’t see it until after it was finished. So naturally, I tattooed John key eating a hotdog (classic NZ archive) with a banner underneath from his last campaign “working for New Zealand”

The client was also Australian… but he was super chuffed with it.

Who are you in your private life?

A bundle of non-stop energy and nonsense.

What’re your hobbies and your passions?

When it’s summer, I love to be on my motorcycle or just being with friends. I try and draw for myself where I can in between work. Otherwise just finding new cafes or places to visit is a fun time. My passion I just can’t shake is horses and I’ve loved being around them since I was really young, I would love to compete again if I ever free up time. Horse girls never change.

We really appreciate the time Lauren gave to us to complete this article and think she’s doing some amazing work within New Zealand. If you’re looking for your next piece, make sure to check her out on her Instagram.

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