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This Month we head over to Birkenhead on Auckland’s North Shore to Artero Tattoo Parlour to have a chat with Diego Cassel AKA Old Boy Tattoos.

In this interview, Diego Cassel was kind enough to give us some time to talk about how he got into tattooing, his style and where you might find him in his spare time. 

How long have you been tattooing?

I’ve been tattooing for 3 years. 

What got you into it tattooing?

I have been an artist my whole life and always loved tattoos, though I never thought of becoming a Tattoo Artist, to be honest. But I remember many people coming to me and showing their new tattoos and I would look at them and think I can do much better. That was the starting point.

Tattoo inspiration?

Everything can inspire me. From music to a movie or a well-executed tattoo from a different artist, can give me that desire to push myself to get better. We can see art in many forms so every day something can spark it.

What’s your tattoo style?

I’m relatively new to this industry and I don’t have a style per se, whatever crosses the door of the studio I’m willing to take on. I love the challenge of doing different styles and also don’t get bored or feel limited. But I don’t know about the future, if I excel in one specific style, I might stick to it, who knows.

Has your style developed over time?

Absolutely. I believe in tattooing you need a good foundation to succeed but experience plays a big role in it. You need hours of flight to get the confidence and be comfortable to let your style flow.

What would you like to tattoo more?

I love the Japanese style. Would love the opportunity to work more with the traditional styles.

How have you found the pandemic, have you found time to be creative or been feeling blocked?

When life gives me lemons I try to make some lemonade. We are all in the same boat, literally the whole world, therefore I can’t complain and just try to make the most of it. I work pretty much every day so the lockdowns were like holidays for me, I took that time for introspection and creation.

What was the first tattoo you ever did or the first one you got on yourself?

A couple of lines on a pork skin (Seriously) One of my BJJ buddies had an unfinished tattoo so that was the first time I touched someone’s skin with a needle. The first tattoo I designed myself was a little cross on a mate’s ankle.

The first I’ve got on myself was an ugly tribal back in the day. Things you do when you’re 16.

Who are you in your private life?

I’m a reserved guy but I like to be active, keeping body and mind balanced somehow.

What are your hobbies and your passions?

I have too many that’s why I work so much to afford them all haha. Besides drawing, I love Martial Arts. I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA. I also love Surfing and every board sport as well but I rarely do nowadays since BJJ takes all my energy.

We really appreciate the time Diego gave to us to complete this article and think he’s doing some amazing work within New Zealand. If you’re looking for your next piece, make sure to check him out on his Instagram.

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