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Hannah Dudley

from Auckland, New Zealand

It’s that time of the month again – Tattcares artist of the month!

It’s easy to imagine someone who doesn’t like tattoos simply lumping them into one style. Gothic. Skulls. Death. Guns & Roses or Barbed Wire. I don’t blame them, there is a tonne of those around too, but, if you look hard enough you will stumble across some very delicate tattoos.

There’s a studio in Auckland by the name of Seventh Day run by Tritoan Ly. Who has pioneered this very style of fine dots, shading & linework that turns some of the most amazing floral & animal artwork into some mighty fine tattoos. You only have to look at his Instagram and his 190k followers to know he’s created something special there at Seventh Day. I could go on and on, but, it’s worthy to note that he has some great artists under him who have benefited from his tutorage.

Seventh Day Studio Team

As I sit here writing this, there’s one artist who comes to mind and that’s Hannah Dudley (hannahnova_tattoo). If you’re trying to win me over just paint, scribble or tattoo an animal and you have my full attention and that’s exactly what she’s done. What I love most about this piece is how clean the bird looks, using the skin as negative space that blends into some soft shading. It means my eye isn’t drawn to one particular spot, but everywhere.

Tattoo Aftercare - Birds

Tattoo by Hannah Dudley


It’s easy to see how this style of tattoo is attractive and why people are paying good money to travel to Auckland specifically to have these done.

Her work is pretty out of this world at times:

Or a bundle of joy:

I like to keep these short and let the artwork speak for itself so feel free to check her out on Instagram or visit Seventh Day Studio here.

All in all her work is tops and here at Tattcare we couldn’t be happier to do this little article to highlight her great work.

But before we go, here’s something to nibble on.

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