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Mitch Taranto

from Melbourne, Australia

As I sit here browsing the internet for tattoo ideas, it’s so easy to get lost with so many possibilities. Where to get it done? What do I want? What’s in fashion? Does it need meaning? Not to mention, what can I afford.

I seem to always find myself on Instagram searching for inspiration, for me, it’s a place of expression rather than what Facebook has become. A directory of oldies, acquaintances and ex-work colleagues.

Don’t even get me started on my facebook feed:
[insert political rant, conspiracy theories & baby photos]

As I scroll through hashtags and posts of tattoos, animals and realism. I find myself pausing on one particular piece, a lion and a freaken awesome one. I look at the @ handle and notice it’s @mistertarantula. I think for a second, does this guy like Tarantulas? does he breed them or is he one himself? It is seriously hard to tell! But one thing I know for sure is his work is impeccable.

Artwork by Mitch Taranto

It’s amazing to think that with a tattoo gun and some skill from the likes of Mitch, that something like this can be a nice permanent piece on your skin. For me, this tattoo completely embodies the spirit of the lion. It’s gentle yet fierce nature to be a complete predator in the wild. The shading is clean and the use of whitespace(skin), highlights key features of the lion. Overall, it’s an amazing tattoo that has a good level of detail, realism and is that type of piece that when someone sees it they reply with “I want one now”.

I’m going to admit. I’m not the type to write a 100-page thesis on anything really. So perhaps I’ll let his work speak for itself! Make sure to check out his work on Instagram: @mistertarantula

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